ABQ Urban Farm

Located in the near North Valley of Albuquerque on a former neighborhood softball field now plagued with goat heads and tumbleweeds, ABQ Urban Farm is the journey of what can be accomplished with a little bit of work and a lot of imagination.

The land on which the farm is currently housed is not owned by ABQ Urban Farm, but our neighbor’s brother – who hopefully doesn’t intend to do anything with the land for a few years! It was not being used so we asked my neighbors if we could start a garden. We were given the go ahead to start a garden and the next week I had organic compost from Soilutions being delivered. We spread it out, mixed it in, bought some drip tubing and viola, ABQ Urban Farm was born. It is still a rudimentary exposition but it will be fun to grow on the land while we are able.

Our vision is to have a network of urban gardens that comprise of a farm – ABQ Urban Farm. If a CSA type program were to be possible from the network of garden beds, we could transform the way we feed each other.

Garden Boxes

The design portion of ABQ Urban Farm and Design came to fruition when the founders of ABQ Urban Farm and Design split the costs of the the initial load of soil. The COVID shutdown brought about significant change, which included a desire to be better about where our food came from. Co-Founder Daniel decided to build some boxes in his front yard because the simple task of going to the grocery store or the farmer’s market was not going to be possible for the foreseeable future.

A seed of an idea was planted. You see, Daniel is a construction guru and general handyman and Johnny is a hippie wanna be urban farmer. After jokingly talking about it more in detail, ABQ Urban Farm and Design was born.

Have you ever thought about gardening but didn’t know where to start?

You can both help the environment and be part of the solution by purchasing a complete above ground garden set, a weekly gardening service, or something else from our shop.


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