ABQ Urban Farm 2020

How crazy has this year been? A once in a lifetime pandemic!

When the pandemic hit, I started growing some old seeds in my garage that were extras from years before. I used mostly old soil until I was able to get some not so great soil delivered from Wal-Mart. I didn’t know how many would take so I planted a bunch. Of everything.

I grew from seed:

  • tomatoes
  • chile
  • purple tomatillos
  • cucumbers
  • melons
  • okra
  • pumpkins
  • zucchini
  • lettuce
  • carrots
  • herbs

About the time the seeds started to sprout, I asked my neighbor for permission to grow on their lot. I have come to find out that the lot used to be a neighborhood softball lot for kids. But now it is full of goat-heads and tumbleweeds. Hell, maybe it had goat-heads and tumbleweeds back then, too. In any event, my neighbor’s also decided to try their hand at gardening. I gave them some extra zucchini seedlings, we all planted our stuff, and ABQ Urban Farm was born.

Yes, I know – ABQ Urban Farm is not much of a farm, but I have dreams, goals, and aspirations. I will eventually write some of that stuff down but for now, I will start posting back-dated blogs about what and when I planted. I will also write down where and how I screwed up.

Thanks for stopping by, the Man of Enchantment.



tomatoes and grapes