Farm Updates

  • ABQ Urban Farm 2020
    How crazy has this year been? A once in a lifetime pandemic! When the pandemic hit, I started growing some old seeds in my garage that were extras from years before. I used mostly old soil until I was able to get some not so great soil delivered from Wal-Mart. I didn’t know how many would take so I planted a bunch. Of everything. I grew from seed: tomatoes chile purple tomatillos cucumbers melons okra pumpkins zucchini lettuce carrots herbs About the time the seeds started to sprout, I asked my neighbor for permission to grow on their lot. I […]
  • Welcome to ABQ Urban Farm!
    Located in the near North Valley of Albuquerque on a former neighborhood softball field now plagued with goat heads and tumbleweeds, ABQ Urban Farm is the journey of what can be accomplished with a merely a little bit of work and a lot of imagination.